BECKI from 6th Floor past by the UKB HQ once again for a catch up on their music


UKB: How you doing, if you can give us a break down in terms of what you’ve been working on since the last interview which was a couple of years ago now?

BECKI: Yes it was, we’ve been doing quite a lot really, we’ve been in the studio a lot recording my third EP, that should be done hopefully over the next few months, we’ve been doing a lot of festivals but our main one was probably Bedford River Festival, we had a really really good set down there and got a lot of good feedback from that, and yeh were doing a lot of promoting at the minute, a lot of radio, just kind of going round doing everything really, busy busy busy.

UKB: Wicked and who is it that you’ve actually been working with, is there anyone specific?

BECKI: I’ve been working with a number of different rappers, I’m doing a track with someone that’s recently come on our label called J-Star, working with another rapper called Ishty vocals who is well known in Bedford at the moment and yeh were just kind of reaching out to everyone, whoever wants to get on a track.

UKB: wicked, cool, and another question I like to ask people whose  been in the game for a decent amount of time is when you first came into the industry has your views changed in terms of how easier you expected it to be to how it turned out to be?

BECKI: Yeh I think when you first come into to it you think oh yeh I’m just going to do a song and it’s just going to go mad and whatever but it’s never like that, there’s a lot of hard work you have to do. I mean since I first started you do learn to work harder and if your working hard you need to work harder than that like, you just literally got to keep going, keep branching out to people, just keep promoting, keep getting your stuff out there, a back door will open and you’ll get there.

UKB: Wicked and you’ve got your track out, well the video your last video you dropped, You Make Me Go Lala?

BECKI: Yeh It did really well, it was on my second EP which is called ‘The Next Edition’, and yeh that was the main track of the last EP that everyone was absolutely loving. It was the only track we did, the only video we did on the EP cos everyone just absolutely loved it.

UKB: Wicked, and is there any other follow up videos at all that you’re going to be putting out?

BECKI: Yeh there’s a video I just finished recording on Wednesday that is with the rapper Ishty vocals at the moment, that tracks called Outrun, it’s quite a summer track, it’s really catchy and yeh that should be coming out in the next couple of weeks, that will be my next single I’m going to drop before my EP.

UKB: Wicked, in terms of your tracks, how do you come up with the sounds, what is your process with your songs?

BECKI: Yeh normally it works different ways, I mean sometime I’ll write a track cos something will just come in my head and I’ll write and then the producer will send me a beat and I’ll be like that fits or if it don’t whatever, sometimes I write to a beat I get given, sometimes I get people to send me over a beat that they’ve jumped onto and they want me to fill in the gaps, the hooks etc. Yeh it all changes, mainly I’ll get given a beat and I’ll write to it but then because I write anyway sometimes I write first then figure out how to change it up a little bit.

UKB: Wicked, who would you say you relate to within the industry that you would like to work with?

BECKI: 6th Floor is not going to let me say lol ….

UKB: Why what up?

BECKY: He’s not going to let me say cos he hates it, I’m not allowed to say it LOL Its Justin Bieber.

UKB: Justin Bieber??

BECKI: The only reason is because, I say it all the time, it’s because the way he writes, the music he produces is the kind of stuff that I kind of do and sometimes when he brings a song out it’s like I could have wrote it cos it’s so similar to what I do and especially the stuff that he is bringing out now that’s definitely the kind of avenue that I’m going down, not copying, I’m doing my own thing but definitely over the last year or so the stuff has brought out is the kind of stuff I relate to. He’s changing so many people’s opinions though now, he’s bringing out some bangers now.

UKB: Whats coming up from you from this point onwards?

BECKI: From this point onwards it will be the new video I’ve just done with Ishty Vocals, obviously straight after this were onto a radio station, West Side Radio outside of London and yeh I mean literally were going to be dropping my third EP, its nearly there.

UKB: Wicked and is there a time line for that, the EP roughly?

BECKI: No, were not in a major rush for it, I want to make sure it’s right because every EP that I do I learn from the last EP and want to make it better. So I know there’s going to be some good tracks on this one, I just want to make sure I get it perfect before I release it.

UKB: Wicked, as your probably aware a lot of people that are in the music scene itself always branch out into other areas, like clothing brands or hats or whatever it might be, is that something you guys will do In the future?

BECKI: I mean its definitely something that’s not kind of completely out of the question, I mean at the moment were literally just making music, putting everything we can into the music were bringing out, but definitely for the future its something we may look at

UKB: Wicked, and who would you say you compare your style to in the music scene?

BECKI: If you look at us, when you think about it its Ndubz, obviously you’ve got the female singer, we’ve got rappers, producers it’s kind of hits the same sort of mould, but we are different at the same time.

UKB: You have a few tattoos, do they mean anything at all?

BECKI: Yeh its basically my music and my family. The bottom half of my sleeve is just saying my story, how much I love my music and the time I was born, and then I’ve got how much I love my family on top, cos my family come in a lot of my music, I do write a lot about relationships and my family and what I’ve been through. I like writing about stuff that means something to me cos then I can sing it better and perform better.

UKB: Is there anything else you want people to know at all, whats coming up or anything?

BECKY: No just watch out for the new track called ‘Outrun’ coming out of Ishty vocals and then watch out for my third EP.


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  • Posted: 6 Sep 2016
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