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UKB: So 6th Floor give us a little introduction for people who didn’t catch your last interview with UKB Magazine?

6th Floor: I’m 6th Floor, I’m a producer, obviously I co own 6th Floor Recordz with N-Hance, basically I produce tracks with my other guy Crossflow and we just put out singles and beats and get artists involved with everything that’s pretty much what we do.

UKB: Brilliant, so give us a breakdown, who is in 6th Floor and what is each individually persons role?

6th Floor: Well obviously there’s Becki Yates, she’s completely different to anything we’ve got in Bedford, in my opinion anyway, the way we work together we just click, I’ve got the beats and she’s straight on them, she knows exactly what to do. N-Hance, he’s really easy to work with as in beat wise because I know exactly what he wants, I know exactly what we’re going to write about, what his tracks are going to be like and we just manage to get it right every single time. We’ve just started working with a guy called J-Star, I’ve known him for years and he just disappeared and I managed to get hold of him again and he’s coming back in the studio, he took 8 beats off me the other day and he’s writing to them, he’s another one who is easy to work with. The other artist is Zeuse. He hasn’t dropped any tracks yet but watch out for his 1st E.P coming soon. We also got another producer R-Time, he has produced a few tracks for N-Hance as well. So yeah we are getting there slowly, we got a nice little crew together.

UKB: How long have you been in the industry for?

6th Floor: I started when I was 16 so now I’m thirty so 14 years 15 years you know.

UKB: And the group?

6th Floor: 6th Floor Recordz has been about 4 years 5 years or so and it’s just obviously grown from that.

UKB: Every producer has their own style, how do you come up with your beats?

6th Floor: Well normally I see what’s about, like what kind of sounds are out there and I’ll just think I’ll give that a try and see what happens, 9 times out a 10 it ends up being hip-hop cos it’s just natural to us you know.

UKB: wicked alright cool what advice would you give an up and coming producer I mean as you can understand there’s so many young talented  producers or artists out there that don’t know the first steps to take?

6th Floor: I would say if someone started just keep practising literally just keep making beats and beats and beats and you’ll see the improvement all the time,  so I’d say just keep at it, I’d say logic is the best equipment to use, it’s probably the hardest but it’s probably the best software I’d say.

UKB: wicked wicked who would you say is one of the best producers within the UK ?

6th Floor: I think Fazer from Ndubz is really really good. I watched the interview with him, I think it was Not For the Radio, he’s a really humble guy that just loves producing. Also Term & Ratchet, they have produced some bangers.

UKB: Right cool and in terms of live performances obviously I know that you’re a producer but have you guys ever experienced any embarrassing moments at all?

6th Floor: We went to this place called Marlow and it’s a Regatta Festival its a boats and it was a very very posh environment with people that had lots of money in suits lol, it was Becki and N-Hance, Becki fitted in perfect but N-Hance!! LOL I mean the guy doing the sound engineering must of been about 80 years old, we didn’t fit the audience to say the least lol it wasn’t the best gigs we have done. But being the professional artists that we are we just got on with it.

UKB: What is one of the dream performances, you know heights you want to go?

6th Floor: O2 arena, Wembley or something, you got to dream big. It’s really good that we done Bedford River Festival though cos that’s our home town and we managed to get that, which was a big step for us.

UKB: Wicked so it terms of performances in general do you guys do a lot of them?

6th Floor: We have been lately, at first it was a bit quite you know, but lately it has been picking up, Becki’s had a few gigs and there are defo more in the pipeline.

UKB: What’s else is coming up?

6th Floor: I’m working on my second EP now as we speak,  I’m looking to drop it around September or October hopefully, I’ve got about 8 tracks back already so I need about 4 or 5 more so I’m just going to drop another one, watch out for that!

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  • Posted: 6 Sep 2016
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