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UKB Wicked, so yeh, CLS the last time that we caught up was a couple of years ago now, about a year and a half ago or something.

CLS Yeh it’s been a minute, when I had my little Corsa. I remember I drove down and I was in my little Corsa and it was raining badly LOL.

UKB LOL so what’s been going on since then and now in terms of project wise?

CLS Literally everything it’s a lot man, I’ve just been working on a lot of music, I was in America last year, for two months and i was in Miami in July, obviously I was just trying to live it up but I was trying to network as well, after that I went to New York for a month, I was out there in August and then I met a few people, I met a lady who works as head of audio synchronising for Atlantic which was cool. I was just trying to explore, 2015 was a little break for me, I just thought you know what let’s just live life; I was just going on a lot of breaks. I also found out I had a little one coming.

UKB Congrats.

CLS Thank you very much, so when I found out my daughter, my baby girl was coming I was like this music thing has to work, had to step up the work rate. I’ve been in the studio with my cousin, DOS (DisOnesStrange.) He produces my beats, he is also the visionary behind my music videos, I run my music studio with him. We just knew now was the right time to go in.

UKB that’s brilliant so there are projects in the works?

CLS Defo my single right now is out for pre order on iTune,  we’ve got the video coming out. Still trying to decide what channel to put it on, but it’s going to be on one of the majors though so make sure you lot look out for that. The single is going to be out on the 30th of September.  I’m just going hard. After that I’ve got to drop my mix tape entitled “New Ones” and then next I’m going even harder, just trying to get this radio stuff in, I’m trying to just plug plug plug  till they can’t avoid me no more. That’s what I’ve been on man; I’ve been on this mission.

UKB That’s, that’s what you gotta do. You say that your single is going to be out, whats the name of your single?

CLS Yeh it’s entitled Whatever The Weather. It’s available right now on pre order via ITunes and when it’s out on the 30th. It’s going to be everywhere man, I’ve got to do this properly, the singles is only 79p but it’s still selling, it’s a start and I’ve been releasing music for free for years, let me give my work some value.

UKB Wicked, you’ve been in the game for a hot minute now, what have you experienced in that time that you wasn’t aware of before you got in to it, people just see the cars the glitz and the glamour but when they get into the game it can be different.

CLS Ahh mate, it’s like the roads, if you’ve been from the ends you’ll understand you need to watch out for them snaky people, this music game is mad! trust me there’s a lot of people you wouldn’t expect to snake you, unless your with your day ones. There’s a lot of people you think are trying to help you, no my brother lol, they are only in this for themselves.

UKB  What is your style of music?

CLS You know what, I call it wave music because it’s influenced by the big man Max B, French Montana, but my sound has a modern sound to it.

UKB Wicked, who in the game would you like to work with, is there anybody specific?

CLS Right now the game is so open. I’ve never seen the UK music scene at such a great spot, so that question is so mad, Top 5, Chip 100%, see him, his versatility levels are fucking on 100, he can jump on a straight grime tune and rip it, then jump on a bashment tune and rip it and then jump on an Afro beat, everything he touches, he is slightly like the UK Drake but people don’t want to say it because its Chipmunk,

Krept and Konan, its only right, from where they came up from, Kano has just come back, I thought this guy was done, but he came back, I’m feeling Shakka! Shakka’s wavy, Shakka’s fucking wavy, and my fifth one I can’t lie, she has just come through everything, Steff Lon Don, the way she is pulling it off LOL, and the body as well, ZOOOOF, she’s killing it so that’s my top five right now.

UKB Wicked, excellent so in terms of projects that are coming up give us a breakdown I know you’ve got a proper structure right now?

Yeh its mad, right now im working on the single, it’s the pre order, Whatever The Weather, it’s going to be released on the 30th September, it should be a Friday if I’m correct, the video is going to be out around the same time.

And look out for RingLeaders, MEMG, Jetfly Club and Motion Picture By DOS we’re about to take over!

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