We sat down with rapper Carlos to find out more about his latest EP and more



UKB So if you just give us an introduction of your name and what you are about?

CARLOS My name is Carlos, I’m a music artist, rapper and songwriter. I’ve been doing music in terms of rapping for about 10 years now  but taking it seriously for the last 3 or 4 months. I’ve had a video out on link up tv and it’s been received quite well. I’m just looking to build and get ready for the body of work on the EP.

UKB Wicked, you mentioned your EP, when does that come out and what can we expect, what is the sound of your style?

CARLOS The sound is hard to describe, its dark but also at the same time quite melodic so a lot of the choruses and things you hear, you’ll gravitate to. It’s just a case of repetition in terms of that and we’re planning first week of October in conjunction with the second video.


UKB So first week of October?

CARLOS First week of October yeah.

UKB All right, in terms of you being new to the industry itself ?? you’ve been out for about 10 years, been an artist I should say, just making music, whatever, would you say you’ve been in the industry long enough to experience certain  situations that you did not see. for example a lot of people come into the game and are naive, they don’t know what the industry is really about, they look at it from the outside and it’s all about glitz and glamour but when you’re in the industry there’s more to it, its hard work. Have you experienced anything and thought wow I didn’t think the game was like this?

CARLOS Just preparation, just looking at the fine details of things and how every decision you make has three different outcomes that can happen and just picking the right one that’s for you. So it’s still quite early in my career but just realising that the music is a big part of it but it’s not the only part. Just looking at other things as well.


UKB Excellent who would you say you would like to work with in the actual industry that you would say, respect your style and bounce of each other if that makes sense.?

CARLOS It’s difficult to say because as I’m just getting into the game I could just reel off all the names of the main people, The Skeptas, The Wretch 32’s, but at the moment I think it’s important for me to be who I am and let people understand my style and where I’m coming from and as things grow I don’t want to be that person who looks for a collaboration and is here today, gone tomorrow. I really want to set my foundations and say this is what I’m about and if opportunities come then I’ll take them but at the same just really being me and making people aware of who I am.

UKB How do you come up with your material, your musical style, again something more grown to studio, you write the material in the studio, with the beat or some people write the material outside the studio and produce a beat to match it. How do you come up with your style and how do you let it gel?

CARLOS Mine is all about the feeling so I can’t write lyrics and just put it to any beat, I go in with the producer and sit down with Kode and once he’s got a sound and we like the beat then I literally go in and freestyle with anything that comes and then it’s just a case of fine tuning so I don’t really have a session where I sit down and say today I’m going to write. It’s just really about feeling the beat and matching that with lyrics.

UKB You say it’s early on in your career itself, have you done any performances at all and if you have how have they been and if you haven’t what sort of performances would you like to do, festivals or certain shows like Mobos?

CARLOS I haven’t done any performances, the only thing is at school and little things like that. I’m at the stage where I will perform anywhere, if there is one person there and they’re in that situation where they’ve heard me and they have wanted to be there. For me a lot of people come into the game and kind of get a little bit of fame, so to speak and lose sight of the fact that’s it’s about the music so I just love to write, to perform, to record.


UKB Where would you say that you’d like to be in five years’ time in terms of still being independent parties. Would you like to be signed, cos again we’re in that era where you don’t necessarily need to be signed in order to make an impact and a career within the industry itself, where would you like to see yourself?

CARLOS For me the main thing is ownership so to be able to do what I want, obviously I’m with Ninth Park Records at the moment and they enable me on the industry side so they don’t dictate to me what I have to do, what I have to wear, where I have to go, it’s very much in the situation where they know a little bit more about the industry and can guide me in the right direction. so in the future, what I like is working with other artists and I like song writing as well so opening up choruses and things, develop other artists or do things, it should just be a stage of also developing myself but also being open to and working with other artists.

UKB You mention Ninth Park, give us a bit more insight on that, is it a label, is it a management team, how’s it work?

CARLOS So Ninth Park records is a combination of both, it does everything so it’s a record label where they distribute and manage me as an artist but also at the same time do these things as well. For example setting up……Background noise… Yes so just setting up meetings, for example like yourself, photo shoots and dealing with my online presence and making it a case where I don’t have to go and chase things, they can chase people and get things done on my behalf.

UKB Brilliant, right so you mentioned you’ve got your video dropping about the first week of October called Paid In Full, what else can we look out for?


CARLOS We got the EP dropping with second video, we will also be giving out a bonus track to anyone that downloads the EP, its just going to be a case of work work work tbh, as soon as the EP is out ill be on to the next project.


UKB Great is there anything you want to tell the people?


CARLOS Shout out to Ninth Park Records, shout out Liam, Jay, anyone that has watched my videos, liked it shared it and anyone that’s supporting me.




  • Posted: 17 Sep 2016
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